Wireless Waterproof Cleanser

Precio de oferta$75.00

Refresh your skincare routine with our Wireless Waterproof Cleanser - the splash-proof solution for a deep cleanse and glowing skin!

Embark on a journey into innovation with our Wireless Waterproof Cleanser! Crafted with a mesmerizing magnetic charging base and an elegant petite Ruyi handle.  Embrace the future of skincare technology now with this compact wonder measuring at 10.80*53.4*42.5mm - because luxury should fit perfectly in the palm of your hand!

  • Achieve a spa-like experience at home with the Wireless Waterproof Cleanser, leaving your skin glowing and radiant
  • The Wireless Waterproof Cleanser deeply cleanses pores for a revitalized complexion
  • Unleash your natural beauty potential with the Wireless Waterproof Cleanser's gentle yet effective cleansing technology

Magnetic charging base
Small Ruyi unique base, fully matched with the fuselage, using magnetic positioning
The base is magnetically charged
Single time, can be used 60-80 times.

Compact size, more in line with human mechanics

Petite size, more suitable for women's hands

Ruyi handle, more in line with the human body mechanics of the handle design

Reduce the vibration, not numb hands

Size: 10.80*53.4* 42.5mm

Color: Blue

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