2 In 1 Hair Removal Epilator

Sale price$35.00


Electric razors aim to provide a painless & safe way for women shaving without worrying about pull or cutting their skin. The square foil shaver can trim legs, arms, armpits, bikini lines, and curvy areas. The round rotating head gives close shaving for short tiny hairs and helps you clean those hard-to-reach residue. You will get rid of coarse hairs and be more confident to enjoy silky smooth skin. 
Try our improved and specialized electric shaver for women. It gives you seamless shave to reveal smooth silky skin. The hypoallergenic blades makes it quite gentle shaving for dry or sensitive skin. 

Power type: USB
Color: Pink-English packaging, blue-English packaging 
Material: ABS
Power mode: Electric 

Color: Blue
Electrical outlet: USB

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