Electric Infrared Heating and Kneading Neck Massage Pillow

Sale price$63.00

Skin Care 100% Brand new and high quality.

Indulge in soothing warmth and gentle kneading with our Electric Infrared Neck Massage Pillow - Your ultimate relaxation companion!

Step into a world of relaxation with our Electric Infrared Heating and Kneading Neck Massage Pillow! This innovative pillow boasts an adjustable design that can transform any car seat into a luxurious massage oasis. Imagine sinking into the plush comfort of your home while indulging in the warm moxibustion feature – pure bliss! Impressively, this pillow comes equipped with dual protection against overheating, ensuring not only optimal safety but also peace of mind during each session. 

  • Unwind and relax with targeted heat therapy for soothing neck pain relief
  • Enjoy deep-kneading massage nodes that mimic real hands for ultimate relaxation
  • Portable design allows you to enjoy a spa-like experience anywhere, anytime
  • Improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle tension with infrared heating technology

Model: AU Plug
Color: Black
style: Double bond

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