Eyebrow Trimming Knife With Comb

Sale price$12.00


✅ One Step Eyebrow Trimming! Second Step Removing Long Eyebrow!

✅  The design of handle makes it simple and comfortable to use. Suitable for both beginners and experienced persons.

✅  The eyebrow scissors are practical for removing excess eyebrows and eyelashes, trimming eyebrows smoothly 

Classification of beauty tools: eyebrow trimming
Color: white, pink
Style: Curved eyebrow trimmer+eyebrow trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, moon shaped eyebrow trimmer, 2 curved eyebrow trimmers+1 eyebrow trimmer
Suitable for all skin types
Material: stainless steel, plastic

Packing list:

Eyebrow trimmer * 1 eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 1/eyebrow trimmer * 2 eyebrow trimmer * 1

Color: Pink
style: 2Eyebrow knife 1cutting comb

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