Chic Moonstone Necklace For Women

Sale price$40.00

Illuminate your style with the ethereal charm of our Moonstone Necklaces - a celestial touch for radiant women. Shine on!

Embrace the cosmic allure of our Moonstone Necklace For Women, adorned with shimmering moonstone beads that exude an ethereal glow. Did you know that wearing moonstone is said to heighten your intuition and foster inner harmony? Elevate your ensemble to celestial realms with this exquisite accessory. 

  • - Embrace the enchanting beauty of moonstone, adding a touch of magic to your everyday style
  • - Elevate your look with the ethereal radiance and timeless elegance of a moonstone necklace
  • - Connect with your inner strength and intuition by wearing this captivating moonstone accessory
  • - Invite positivity and emotional balance into your life through the calming energy of moonstone

Size: Necklace length is about 39CM+7CM extension chain

Color: Opal

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