Cordless USB Hair Straightener and Curler

Sale price$72.00

                                                 STARTING $34.99

1. This cordless hair straightener can not only be used to curl and straighten hair, but it can also repair damaged hair and keep your hair beautiful and healthy.
2. Using a rapid heating ceramic hair straightener will automatically make your hair straight, improve split ends. to the hair and making your hair smoother and shiny. 
3. Three temperature adjustable: 160 ℃ -180 ℃ -200 ℃. 
4. 3D floating panel, built-in high elastic pressure silicone, can adjust intelligence according to hair volume, reduce friction, pulling protect your hair.  

Charging time: 3 hours
Standby working time: up to around 30 ° C at 180 ° C
Temperature: 180 ° C (displayed as measured temperature) 

Color: Green set
Electrical outlet: USB
quantity: 1PC

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