Jessup Makeup Brush for Foundation

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Jessup Makeup Brush Foundation Brush with Makeup Sponge,Contour Blush Concealer

Fessup professional-quality flat foundation brush is good for flawless makeup. It works best for powder, liquid, concealer, cream or blush..

Gives you a smooth stroke from different angles while applying the foundation easily to your skin. It does not absorb and waste products.

This Jessup exclusive design makeup sponge perfect for concealer and foundation. Its excellent for enhancing nose contouring, while the tapered end allows for precise application under the eye and around the nose.
This beauty sponge boasts a tri-angled tip for precise application, while the synthetic brush is expertly designed for seamless blending.. Together, they create the ultimate duo for a flawless finish.

Jessup foundation brush larger than normal (2-2.5 times), about 300 thousand premium microfiber hairs, with 57mm wide supper-large flat top shape bristle for smooth, even, and poreless coverage. Takes only seconds to achieve a flawless makeup finish.

Its ergonomic and unique pebble shape is thoughtfully designed with a curve to position your fingers for easy gripping. Get a smooth, even, and poreless coverage while reducing application time with this beautiful and magical foundation brush.

Handle Color: SF001-Black
Ships From: CN

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