Moisturizing Foundation

Sale price$19.99


Indulge your skin in luxury with our Moisturizing Foundation - a premium formula for a flawless and hydrated complexion every day!

This divine liquid foundation boasts a selection of three captivating shades: 110 ivory, 240 natural color, and 320 dark skin tone - each one is destined to enhance your natural beauty. It contains precious botanical elixirs and iridescent flecks that elegantly veil imperfections for an ethereal finish. Unleash your inner goddess, and seize every opportunity to showcase your flawless visage with grace and poise!

  • - Experience the luxury Premium Foundation with added moisturizing benefits to keep your skin healthy
  • - A dewy complexion with our Moisturizing Foundation will hydrate and evens out skin tone
  • - Achieve a luminous glow with our Liquid Foundation infused with moisturizing properties for radiant skin

Color: 110ivory

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