One Step Eyebrow Stamp Kit

Sale price$18.99

Use the eyebrow cream pad to dye the empty part of the stencil by patting gently from the tail of the eyebrow, until filling is complete. . 

One step eyebrow pad shaping kit includes unique air cushion pad, 10 different stencils and 1 eyebrow brush.   

Natural Eyebrows with 4 colors of long-lasting eyebrow powder from soft brown to dark brown.  

Use the Professional Air Cushion Buffer with this vegan formula to apply the perfect amount of brow color and definition at the intensity you want. 

1 Set Medium Brown 1 Set Burnette 1 Set Ebony 1 Set Dark Brown 1PC Medium Brown 1PC Burnette 1PC Ebony 1PC Dark Brown Eyebrow Card 

Color: Burnette
quantity: 1pc

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